houseroofWhen you are making the most important decisions of your life, it’s crucial to hire the most qualified inspector to assure that your investment is a solid one. Thomas Building Consulting Corp. has the credentials, experience, and knowledge to provide you peace of mind when you most need it.

    • “We were really impressed with Mark. He even went up on a second-story roof! We thought it was fantastic.”
      – Fred L. Washington Heights
    • “As a full-time professional homebuyer/rehabber, I need an accurate assesment of the condition of each property. I highly recommend Thomas Building Consulting to both residential and commercial buyers.”
      – Steve Vanden Noven Berkely Investments, LLC
    • “Mark’s experience in building mechanical systems design, construction and rental property ownership has proven him to be a knowledgable and diligent inspector of buildings.”
      – Donald Cohen,P.E. Building Consultant
    • “Mark came highly recommended and did not disappoint. He covered all the details, answered all of our questions, and explained things carefully. I willrecommend him to whomever needs an inspection.”
      – Mark C.
    • “Mark Thomas is very knowledgeable about building construction. Buyers are sometimes afraid of maintenance issues and repairs. Mark explains how things work which makes buyers much more comfortable with the home purchase.”
      – Rosemary S. (real estate agent)
    • “It was great to be able to ask questions openly (without feeling uneducated) and Mark answered questions in layman’s terms and that was much appreciated”
      – Sara C.
    • “The inspection was a pleasant experience. It was very thorough and I never felt ‘rushed’. Mark also took extra time when my wife arrived and went over a few items he had already covered with me and appeared happy to make sure her questions were answered.”
      – Frank Z.
    • “Mark went above our expectations. We are first time home owners and Mark was very helpful. He took the time to explain everything in detail. I would recommend Mark to everyone!”
      – Tracy and Giuliano O.
    • “Mark was great, the inspection greatly influenced my decision and was a great investment before purchasing a home.”
      – Seth S.
    • “Mark went above our expectations. We are first time home owners and Mark was very helpful. He took the time to explain everything in detail. I would recommend Mark to everyone!”
      – Brian H.
    •  “His analysis of the house on which I had made an offer was very detailed and thorough. I know almost nothing about construction so he patiently explained everything to me. As a result of Mark’s inspection I feel much more confident about my purchase of the house that he inspected. When the extreme expense of buying a home is taken into consideration, an inspector that one can trust is of the utmost importance.”
      – Lynn R.
    • “Mark was prepared for the inspection and came with all the necessary equipment needed for the inspection including a computer system where all his information was entered and easily and conveniently emailed to me. Mark gave me advice on so many things I asked him about today from what to use to paint ceramic tile to how feasible it would be to install an upstairs bathroom. I would have to say Mark seemed as knowledgeable to me as most contractors. Mark answered all of my questions in great detail. Nothing was left unanswered. I feel much more secure now with my decision to purchase my new home. I would just like to say thank you for making today as pleasant as a home inspection
      can be!”
      – Laurie J.
    • “I’d rate Mark very high because he is very passionate about his job. He is eager to help educate the buyer on what’s good, bad, or otherwise. This is the fifth property he’s inspected for me, and I will certainly call him when I’m ready to have the next one inspected.”
      – Randy N.